Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Home Blessing"

My home is an oasis of peace and love.
The foundation of a home provides greater stability than brick and mortar. When those within a home live from the realization that the spirit of God is at the core of each person, a home becomes an oasis of peace and love.
I bless my home with such an understanding as I affirm the presence of God. The very atmosphere within my home surrounds all who enter with love and respect. Indifference or discord is unwelcome and dissipates with acceptance and attention.
No matter the ages or personal connections with those present, there is a oneness of spirit and love that is prevalent during every conversation, meal, and activity.


Monday, November 21, 2016

"Inner Peace"

Peace is my breath, and serenity is the beat of my heart.

There is a basic rhythm in my body that resonates from a divine awareness that pulsates through all living beings. This pattern is found in the measure of my breath and in the cadence of my heartbeat.
By quieting my mind and focusing on the natural pulse of my body, I create vital breathing space, both literally and figuratively. When I practice, gently focusing on inhaling and exhaling, my body and mind instinctively relax. My pulse slows and steadies.
By noticing my body’s rhythms, I relax into a state of deep peace. Throughout my entire being, I feel a sense of harmony, belonging, and comfort. As I continue to breathe, I am aware that Almighty Spirit is breathing through me and as me.


Saturday, November 19, 2016


With a grateful heart, I open to divine supply.
Prosperity is a state of mind, a focus on being happy, successful, and self-sufficient. When I focus my thoughts on those qualities, I begin to see more goodness in my life.
Staying focused may not prove easy if I am facing large debts or unable to afford the necessities. Such things may keep me from seeing the good around me. But when I choose to change my focus, my vision clears and I can once again see the blessings that have always been in my life. My attitude shifts from fear to gratitude.
Today I remove the blinders from my eyes and change my focus on God’s good. With a grateful heart, I open to divine supply, and I feel abundantly blessed.


Friday, November 18, 2016


Spirit within refreshes and strengthens me.

Water is nature’s refreshment, providing nourishment for all life on the planet. Parched animals, plants, and ground hurriedly drink when it rains, finding renewed energy and strength. On hot days, animals seek refuge in pools of water. Oceans, rivers, and waterfalls refresh the human spirit as they inspire those who visit them.
The greatest source of refreshment for my soul is my connection with God. I release doubts or habits that limit my thinking and open my mind and heart to receive divine guidance.
Meditation invigorates my spirit with renewed energy and strength. Devoting time and energy to a relationship with God, I see inspiration in the world around me.


Thursday, November 17, 2016


Mighty currents of God’s healing love flow through me now.

If a loved one or I face a health challenge, God’s healing love is the answer. Despite what appearances may suggest, the miraculous power of faith is already at work.
If God directs me through prayer to see a doctor, I do. God loves me and has a plan for me that includes a healthy and happy life. So rather than focusing on what may be wrong with my mind or body, I concentrate instead on God’s life within.
Mighty currents of God’s healing love flow through me now. I am surrounded by God’s love and enfolded in God’s embrace. In mind, body, and spirit, I am whole and well. God’s healing life flows in and through every cell and organ of my body, making me strong and capable and sure.


Monday, November 14, 2016


My inner wisdom guides me on my path to good.
God is the source of all that is good, all that is true, all that is right in my life. So I give thanks daily for the inspiration and guidance that lead me step by step to my highest good.
I am surrounded in a warm glow of divine light and love, and my faith in God is strong and sure. My faith opens my mind to new wisdom and new ideas, leading to a greater understanding of myself and others.
Inner wisdom leads to new perceptions, and I begin to see a greater picture of my life. With determination and purpose, I strive to get out of my own way and allow divine wisdom to guide me on my path to good.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

"World Peace"

I behold the Christ in all people and envision peace throughout the world.

World peace begins with me when I behold the Christ in all people, not just a select few. I begin by recognizing and honoring that there are many paths to God. The Christ within is common to each and all, even if by a different name.
The Christ within is my spiritual essence, my connection with Spirit. Through awareness of this spiritual truth, all things are possible. I use my imagination and my faith to envision peace and to see peace being demonstrated in and between all countries, all people.
I do my part to promote peace. Within my relationships I speak words that promote calmness and acceptance of others. I exhibit patience. I extend kindness to strangers. I forgive easily, and I am at peace.


Thursday, November 10, 2016


Thank You, God, for Your grace in my life.
How do I define the grace of God? Grace is a gift from God that ensures my well-being. I hear that gift in the infectious laughter of children. I see it in the beauty of the mountains, trees, and ocean. I experience it in the synchronicity of a day filled with unexpected blessings. I feel it in the touch of a loved one’s hand when I am in need.
Through the grace of God, I am safe and secure. With God’s grace, I am blessed with ideas and insights.
I become more attuned to God’s grace when I have a grateful heart. By saying “Thank You, God,” I open my heart to receive more grace—more wisdom, more energy, more of an awareness of who I am as a spiritual being.


Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I breathe in the breath of God and enter a place of peace and serenity.

Deep, regulated breathing provides both physical and mental exercise. Breathing is an involuntary function of my body. Yet when I focus on my breath and control it, I enter a different realm of solitude and peace—a deeper mind, body, and spirit connection.
I begin by consciously slowing my breathing, allowing each exhale to get longer, and each inhale to go deeper. My heart rate and blood pressure lower, my muscles relax. I exist only in this present moment, a place of peace. In this relaxed, receptive state of mind I connect with Spirit within.
As I return to the present moment, I bring with me the peace and serenity of the simple act of breathing. I am ready for the rest of my day.


Monday, November 7, 2016

"Moving Forward"

I seek to learn and grow in spiritual understanding.

Life constantly moves me forward in my journey of spiritual growth and practice. Periodically I yearn for something more. Perhaps an inner whisper urges me to explore at greater depth or a life-changing event thrusts me into a new chapter of life. Life is a series of endings, new beginnings, and ongoing transformation.
I am more than my physical self, more than my job, or my various roles in life. While these aspects of myself are meaningful and fulfilling, woven throughout each of them is my ongoing quest to grow in spiritual understanding. I include time each day for personal reflection, prayer, and meditation because they propel me forward in my desire to know and express more of my divine nature.


Sunday, November 6, 2016


Mentoring enriches my spiritual journey.

I am grateful for the coaches, teachers, and counselors who have mentored me on my spiritual path. By building a relationship of trust, modeling spiritual Truth, and sharing openheartedly from their own successes and struggles, these people have been instrumental in raising my consciousness.
Mentorship enriches the mentor as well. Helping others helps me to clarify and reinforce my own spiritual lessons and beliefs. It also encourages me to be mindful that others are watching and listening to what I say and do.
Spiritual mentorship is a precious gift that I can give to myself—whether I am called to serve as a mentor or a mentee. When I am able and willing to serve in both roles, I find myself doubly blessed on my spiritual path.


Saturday, November 5, 2016


As I believe, so I receive!
Spiritual Truth exists whether or not I believe in it; divine love is present whether or not I trust in it; Universal Intelligence is available whether or not I rely on it. While I am grateful that Spirit is eternal and changeless, I recognize that my capacity to fully receive Spirit’s bounty hinges on my faith.
If, on reflection, I find that challenging times have clouded my belief in Spirit, I simply correct my thinking. I renew my belief in the eternal reality of spiritual abundance. I accept that God’s bounty and grace are meant for all—including me. I regain trust in my ability to freely give and receive. I align myself with Divine Mind, and Truth flows readily into my awareness, clearing the way for greater good.


Friday, November 4, 2016

"Divine Messages"

In the Silence, I listen. In the stillness, God answers.

Our days are filled with messages received from friends, work, or media outlets. While it may seem difficult to discern which, if any, of these are divine messages, I learn to listen with my heart and mind open to God.
“You are loved,” is the melody sung by songbirds. “You can do it!” is whispered in my ear as I tackle a challenge. Other times a divine idea persistently speaks to me, nudging me into action—“Try this.” “I am with you always” is what I hear as I move into prayer.
There is no end to the ways God brings guidance and encouragement to me. When I hear words that uplift and inspire me, I know these are divine messages meant just for me.


Thursday, November 3, 2016


Abundant living is my birthright. I claim my good now!

One definition of abundance is “living with a degree of plentifulness.” So how does this apply to me? As a child of God, abundant living is my birthright. I accept my inheritance when I turn to divine ideas and use them as the building blocks of my life.
I choose thoughts that represent prosperity and plenty. God intends for me to live fully and I allow God’s nature to express through me in all that I say and do.
I know the power of my thoughts and prayers. I set aside time to give thanks for the many blessings in my life. God created me to live a beautiful, abundant life. Truly, my life is a living prayer of appreciation. Abundant living is my birthright. I claim my good now!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I am one with the Source of all.
I know God as the Source of all understanding, love, patience, and kindness. I am part of this powerful Source. To achieve poise and serenity in my life, I have only to turn within to the silence of my soul.
If I am waiting in a line of shoppers, stuck in traffic, or just tired after a long day, I may find my patience waning. I take time, wherever I am, to reconnect with my Source. A moment of focus calms my mind and revives my spirit.
With my patience restored and my mind at ease, I better relate to and understand those around me. I remind myself that my Source is unlimited and eternal and that all else is just temporary.
I am one with the Source of all.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016


I am ready and willing to discover and fulfill my divine potential.

When I open my eyes in the morning the dark veil of night has lifted to reveal a brand-new day, bringing with it unlimited possibilities.
I live in a world of unlimited potential. While every attempt I make to fulfill that potential may not be successful, I write it up to experience, and then strive on. I fully believe and achieve what is mine to do by following and listening to divine wisdom. Spirit provides me with direction on which path to travel toward fulfilling my divine destiny. I am a child of God, filled with capabilities that exceed any that I could ever imagine for myself.
I am ready and willing to discover and fulfill my divine potential.


Monday, October 31, 2016

"Safe and Secure"

I take refuge in God’s presence and I feel safe.

I feel a growing sense of peace when I remember that God is everywhere present. During any stressful time in my life or when something is going on in the world, I take refuge in God. I acknowledge the presence and power of God with a sense of trust, for I know God’s presence blesses me and protects me.
That same divine presence protects my loved ones as well. I affirm for them: The power of God protects you. The presence of God watches over you. These words from the “Prayer for Protection” are reminders that God’s protecting presence enfolds my loved ones. Whether they are with me or out of my sight, I trust in God’s wisdom to guide them in every moment.


Saturday, October 29, 2016


The healing life of God renews and revitalizes me.
Do I need to be healed? The healing life of God renews me, making me whole and well. Am I trying to live a healthier life? God-life within revitalizes me with energy and strength.
I nurture that energy by eating nutritious foods and exercising. I also speak words of life and faith that feed my soul.
“God, thank You for life. I know in my heart that Your healing life is flowing in and through every cell and atom—nurturing me in mind, body, and spirit. Your loving presence repairs and heals and makes me whole and well. I am a perfect expression of Your divine life.”
I affirm that I am well and strong, God’s perfect life in expression.


Friday, October 28, 2016

"Divine Order"

Divine order is now established in my life.
The evidence of divine order can be observed all around. A cloud of birds suddenly lifts up into the sky, rising together simultaneously, without signal or sign. Pendulum clocks together in a room eventually synchronize their rhythmic swing. Similarly, prayers can set into motion deep ordering principles that dwell at the heart of all that is happening in the universe.
We are all part of this perfect order. The simple affirmation divine order can cause faulty equipment to begin functioning, timing to harmonize perfectly, and guidance to come forth easily.
Today and every day, I affirm divine order and trust in my spiritual connection with the power and presence of God.


Thursday, October 27, 2016


I align my thoughts with God, and I am renewed.

When my body is in alignment, every part of it works together in greater harmony. I feel energized and confident as well as strong and whole. The same is true for my spirit. When I am in spiritual alignment with God, I feel energized and confident as well as strong and whole.
There is an inseparable connection between my mind and body for positive thoughts bring about positive results. As I align my thoughts with God, my body responds in kind. I am more focused and relaxed. This cosmic alignment affects me in wonderful ways, giving me a sense of inner strength and peace.
Prayer is the method in which I align myself with God. I am renewed.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016


My faith in the Higher Power reassures and renews me—mind, body, and spirit.

I take time each day to renew my spirit, knowing that the benefits will be blessings beyond measure. I begin in the silence of prayer. In the silence, I let go of outer distractions and focus on the spirit of God within. God fills the silence with love and peace and contentment.
As the spirit of God surrounds me, I remember that I am God’s beloved child. I welcome God’s guidance and inspiration into my life. Breathing in, breathing out, I concentrate on the beauty of God’s spirit in me. I am renewed in mind and spirit, and I thank God for the wisdom and understanding I need to make good and right decisions.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"World Peace"

Divine love encircles the world, flowing from heart to heart as peace.
At the deepest level of creation, all beings are seeking peace. Underneath the outer shell of every human being beats a heart created in pure love. I pray from this consciousness, visualizing each person connecting with their divine selves and acting from that sacred place.
I envision the world enveloped in peace and wrapped in a warm, flowing channel of divine love. In gratitude, I affirm: Divine love is flowing, connecting, and healing the world and everyone in it.
I, too, act upon my inner divinity, recognizing that every word I speak and action I take can be done in peaceful, loving, and faith-filled ways. Divine love flows from my heart to bless the world.


Sunday, October 23, 2016


I give thanks for everyday grace.

Grace is my unmerited gift from the Divine Source. Freely available to all, grace is accessible to me at any moment; I need only to be conscious enough to recognize it. When I live in a state of grace, I am living in an awareness of the divine flow.
As I spiritually awaken through prayer and meditation, I realize how grace is active in my everyday life. It shows up as amazing opportunities that unexpectedly present themselves, resources that materialize out of seemingly nothing, and unambiguous signposts perfectly timed to show me the next right step to proceed in alignment with a higher purpose for my life. I experience profound gratitude, joy, and wonder as I see the results of Spirit’s guiding grace in my daily affairs.


Friday, October 21, 2016


Divine light is my ultimate source of illumination.

If power goes out during a storm, I may find myself using a flashlight or candle to light my way—weaker substitutes for the stronger power. The same holds true if I am feeling lost or doubtful. Perhaps I find myself struggling because I am not looking at the situation through the illuminating peace and power of God’s presence.
Reconnecting with the Light is easy—all I need to do is ask. Turning within during a time of prayer shifts my vision from dim to all-seeing. What changed in that moment? Certainly the divine flow of love and light was there the entire time. The difference that prayer made was realigning my focus into the all-beingness of the Divine. The more I go to the ultimate source of light, the more it shines through me.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016


With steadfast faith, I step forward in action.

In faith, I affirm that all things are working together for good. When the noise of the world seems tuned to chaos, I do not fear. Rather, I raise my thoughts to the awareness of God present with all and through all. I affirm that the healing, loving presence of God is working to bring greater peace and harmony to the world.
I choose to be an active agent of peace. I begin with affirmative prayer. Where the world sees hatred, I see love; in place of division, I see unity; instead of lack, I see abundance. I have faith that God will guide me to the ways that I can make a difference in the world. I step forward in action, that my hands and feet may bring God’s peace to the world.